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3 i n 1 Sharpener

TA1001 3 in 1 Sharpener
Smith’s 3-in-1 Sharpener can handle all of your sharpening needs. It features pre-aligned carbide blades, which are reversible and replaceable, for quick edge setting capabilities. The Fine 750-grit Interrupted Surface Diamond Stone provides a quick razor sharp edge on any knife or tool. A pair of specially shaped teardrop ceramic rods provide multi-use sharpening capabilities, everything from standard to serrated edges along with hooks and tools. The protective storage lid also serves as a hand guard, and the ceramic rods fit securely into a compartment in the bottom of the base for safe and easy storage.

Product Features:
•    Pre-set Carbide Blades Ensure Correct Sharpening Angle
•    Fine Interrupted Surface Diamond Stone Provides Razor Sharp Edge Finishing
•    Specially Shaped Ceramic Rods Provide Multi-Use Sharpening Capabilities
•    Hand Guard for Protection
•    Special Compartment for Rod Storage
•    Sharpening Groove for Hooks and Small Tools
•    Non-Slip Rubber Feet for Safety
Stone Size:  10.16cm x 2.54cm x 6.35cm
•    Fine Diamond 750 Grit
•    Fine Ceramic 800 Grit
•    Coarse Carbides

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4 Stone Ce
ramic Set
TA1001 4 Stone Sharpener

Ceramic sharpeners are great for sharpening and retaining edges on an
array of knife blades.

Excellent in the Kitchen as it features a bamboo base, under which there is an
integral snap-in rod storage for your four  9" ceramic sharpening steels.

Two types of Ceramic, purple steels for coarse sharpening and white for fine
edge results. 2 sharpening angles and a hand guard ensure safety while you
keep your knives sharp.

Product Features:
Bamboo base ensures stable sharpening
Internal turnbox for ceramic steels storage
Pre-set angles provide guaranteed results
Hand Guard for protection
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4 Stone Diamond Precision Sharpener
TA1011 4 STone Diamond Prec. Sharperner
This precision sharpening system meets the needs of sharpening an array
of knives and tools. It features compact and lightweight design and a nylon pouch. The monocrystalline diamonds offer a variety grits that both hone
and re-align the knifes edge. The exclusive knife clamp/angle guide
ensures that your knifes edge is sharpened to your desired angle.

The Deluxe Kit has 5 different sharpening angles and 4 different grit
diamond stones that offer an easy way to sharpen all types
of knives.

Diamond Double Sided Flat Sharpener in Plastic Case

TA1021 Diamond Double Sided Flat Sharpener
Diamond combination stone uses efficient monocrystalline abrasives for
quickly sharpening and honing all edged tools. It offers a two-grit combination of coarse (360grit) and fine (600grit) diamond sharpening stones.

The coarse side is used to put an edge back on a dull blade and the fine side is used to hone and add a razor sharp edge onto your blade. The stone features a unique sharpening surface with an overlapping oval hole design
that speeds sharpening by collecting and holding the metal shavings.
The Plastic base with non-slip feet makes sharpening easy and safe.

Product Features:
Excellent sharpening performance
2 in 1 Coarse & Fine Diamond Stones
Molded Plastic Base with Non-Slip Feet for Safety
Oval hole design to collect and hold metal shavings.
Clear plastic protective cover.

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Ceramic Tungston Carbide Sharpener

TA1031 Ceramic Tungston Carbide Sharpener
2-step sharpening process for maintaining your knifes edge.
The main body features a coarse carbide and fine ceramic stones, both with
pre-set sharpening angles.

The Tungsten carbide step re-edges a blunt knife, and the ceramic step adds
a fine edge. The non-skid feet behind stainless steel stand provides a sturdy
base when sharpening.

Product Features:
High quality stainless steel stand
Advanced technologies
Ergonomic design and functionality
Coarse and Fine sharpening capabilities
Non-slip rubber feet for safe sharpening

Diamond Carbide Sharpener

TA1041 Diamond Carbide Sharpener

Ideal for honing kitchen knives. This sharpener is specially designed for
home use. It features an ergonomically designed soft-grip handle which
assures users comfort and safety during sharpening. The non-skid
rubber feet provide steadiness when sharpening.

Coarse - adds an edge back onto dull blades
Fine - Refines and hones your blades edge

Product Features:
Two stage sharpening design
Soft grip rubber handle
Non-slip rubber feet for safe sharpening
Replaceable insert.
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Replacement Tungsten Carbide &
Ceramic Insert for the TA1041

TA1051 Replacement Insert TC and Ceramic

Replacement inserts are available for the Kitchen Sharpener TA1041, simply remove the Stainless Steel sharpening insert and change between either a Tungsten Carbide and Ceramic insert or a Rough and Fine Ceramic insert, all specially designed to fit your specific needs.

Handheld Tungston carbide Sharpener

Ergonomic & practical design, easy and effective results, great for the maintenance of all kinds of knives in different situations.

Made with rigid tungsten carbide, which will add a quick sharp edge onto your blade.

Product Features:
Tungsten Carbide bits.
Ergonomic handle makes sharpening easy and safe.
Finger Guard
to protect the user

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Diamond Steel 200mm Oval Sharpener

TA1031 Diamond Steel 200mm Oval Sharpener
The Oval Diamond Sharpener provides more diverse angles on which to sharpen your knives and kitchen utensils and also features a metal hang clip.

Product Features:
Diamond-electroplated to ensure an effective and precise sharpening result.  
Oval shape sharpening rod design to ensure higher sharpening efficiency.
Stainless steel ring for easy storage.
Soft-grip rubber handle.

Diamond Steel 200mm Round Sharpener

TA1071 Diamond Steel 200mm Round Sharpener
The round shaped diamond sharpening rod is coated with monocrystalline diamond abrasives. Light and perfectly balanced, it features an easy-grip textured handle and a comfortable non-slip grip and the lanyard hole provides for easy storage.

Product Features:
Diamond-electroplated to ensure an effective and precise sharpening result.
Hones and re-aligns your knives' edge
Soft-grip rubber handle

Ceramic Steel 200mm Round Sharpener

TA1077 Ceramic Steel Round Sharpener
The Ceramic knife sharpener provides excellent results by re-sharpening
or honing the cutting edge of your knives, scissors, and kitchen utensils.

The Ceramic knife sharpener restores and hones your blade with little effort
to a razor sharp edge. 

Product Features:
High-performance ceramics ensure effective sharpening results.
Super hard ceramic rods for durable use.

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Pocket Diamond Knife and
Fish Hook Sharpener

TA1121 Pocket Diamond Knife and Fish Hook
Diamond materials help to hone a dull blade quickly and sharpen fish hooks. 

The main body is made of strong ABS and has an ergonomic design for ease of use and functionality.

Product Features:
1. High-efficiency sharpening result.
2. Compact and lightweight for easy carry.

TA1101- Pocket Ceramic Knife and
Fish Hook Sharpener

TA1101 Pocket Ceramic Knife And Fish Hook Sharpener
Renowned for excellent sharpening qualities and ideal for maintaining super sharp cutting edges on all types of knives and hooks. The triangular Ceramic rod is a fine grit and excels at finishing and maintaining a superior blade edge or hook point. Various profiles designed for serrated of plain edge knives, scissors & tools. The lanyard hole ensures easy carry.
Product Features:
Compact, High quality super hard ceramic for long life.
Hook groove sharpens all hook sizes
Ergonomic ambidextrous design
Safety end caps for easy grip & finger guard

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TA1111 - Pocket Tungston
Carbide and Ceramic Sharpener

TA1111 Pocket Tungston Carbide and Ceramic
Two stage sharpening design. Tungsten to add an edge onto a dull blade, the fine Ceramic to hone your edge.

The main body uses super strong recyclable ABS material for long life. Ergonomic design for ease of use & functionality.

 Product Features:
Two stage sharpening design both Carbide & Ceramic.
Non-Skid Feet provide safety when sharpening.
Compact size and light weight for easy carry.

TA1091 - Diamond Folding Butterfly Sharpener
TA1101 Diamond Butterfly Sharpener
The Diamond Folding Knife Sharpener features an oval shaped design to increase sharpening surface. Plastic tip for safe sharpening. Durable construction will provide years of consistent & reliable performance. Suitable for all kinds of outdoor knives and tools.

Diamond-electroplated ensure efficient and sharp sharpening result
Unique oval shape steel design
Butterfly handle
 design to protect surface of diamond sharpener
Easy to carry.

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